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If you aren't acquainted with RSS feeds, you can read the following FAQs:

1. What are RSS feeds?

RSS feeds are a way for websites to distribute their content beyond user-browser interaction. Feeds allow subscription to regular updates of those websites via internet portals, news readers, etc. With RSS feeds you can also package your favourite feeds to widgets, gadgets, portable devices (tablets, smartphones...) and other devices anywhere.

2. What does that mean?

You are able to recognize the universal RSS feeds icon in your favourie websites, weblogs and podcasts. This icon means you can subscribe to text, video, photography and audio those websites offer and read, watch and listen their contents in a unique, centralized place via RSS feeds reader.  This way, you can avoid wasting time entering and reading each website individually.

3. Who publishes RSS feeds?

Most of big names on the internet offer RSS feeds services, including New York Times, MicrosoftAppleYahoo!, most weblogs and many other websites. Via Google News you can generate an RSS feed from any of your searches.

4. How can I read/listen them?

If you want to subscribe to RSS feeds and navigate them, there are many options, you can find apps for any your devices, usually named "Feed reader" or "Feed aggregator", many of them for free. For example, Google Reader is one of the most popular readers.

The usual interface of readers/aggregators shows a general view and a feed view, or you can split them in folders or categories. Also, you can view all time entries, and non-readed entries will be highlighted.

There are mainly two reader types, device apps and browser based. The first one downloads feeds when you have internet connection and you can read/view/listen them later even if you are not connected to the internet. The browser based, usually requires you to have constant internet connection but you can browse, link to external sites and they keep your read/heard entries log synchronized from one device to another.


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